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Boost the value and impact of your operations across the supply chain with workflow automation and data connectivity


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Boost productivity with the latest precision agriculture software and comprehensive farm management solutions with latest technology.

We are Rajviz

We are the trusted partner for agriculture sector. Through our integrated network, workflow solutions and actionable insights, our customers are better connected to make more informed decisions, growing productivity and profitability.

Harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet

We have pursued innovative ways for science and technology to drive sustainability and profitability in agriculture. With our mission, we are focused on four key principles:

  • Helping farmers enhance their profitability and soil health
  • Improving the quantity, quality, and traceability of the food available to consumers
  • Protecting the environment by reducing and removing harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, while incentivizing sustainable land stewardship practices
  • Creating long-term value for our shareholders

Founded on the hypothesis that microbes could protect plants from a changing climate

Our company was built on the discovery that the microbes in and around plants have the potential to dramatically improve crop resilience in the face of stresses (including drought, heat, cold, and pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and insects) and to offer a sustainable means of improving crop yields in the face of climate change.

This foundation formed the basis for our mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet and the expansion of product offerings over time.

What we do?

We have developed an integrated business platform that enables farmers and other ag industry participants to adopt and profit from sustainability opportunities.