Grow With Organic Fertiliser’s

Rajviz recognized that the growing demand for organic crop farming required an increased focus on providing an all-natural solution to boost soil nutrition. Our goal is to provide organic, regenerative and conventional farming operations with reliable access to direct application organic fertilizers that are better for the environment . Rather than make unproven claims about our fertilizer, we focus on education, testing, and proper use to document results.  It ensures that we support the growth of sustainable agriculture around the world.

Rajviz mission is to become an integrated global fertilizer marketer and producer initially supplying the India organic and conventional agricultural markets. Growing with the right manufacturing, distributors and growers, Rajviz is seeking to support sustainable agricultural farming practices.


The Company’s key focus, as a certified organic manufacturer, is on providing quality organic input supplies and support for India’s booming organic market.


In addition, the company will continue to expand its Indian organic fertilizer business.

Rajviz has adopted a comprehensive ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) policy. 

Looking to create the ideal conditions for healthy, hearty, high-yield growth?


At Rajviz, we’ve been working with farmers, growers, and gardeners to enhance soil health and fertility. Certified organic, environmentally safe, and professionally crafted, our amendments provide the nutrients and beneficial microbes that plants need while fending off pests and pathogens. Whatever you’re growing—sugar cane, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, flowers or other plants—Rajviz helps maximize your results.